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  Family Camping

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FULL SERVICE SITES 1 night (2 adults & their children 18 and under)                                            CAD $    48.00

(water, hydro, septic)1 week (stay 7 nights, pay for 6 nights) This excludes July/August.                        288.00

 1 month (stay 28 nights pay for 22 nights during shoulder season)                      1,056.00

                                                       1 month (stay 28 nights pay for 24 nights in July/August                                      1,152.00


NO SERVICE Trailer SITE 1 night trailer (2 adults & their children 18 and under) incl. dumping                      40.00

 1 week (stay 7 nights, pay for 6 nights) This excludes July/August.                        240.00


NO SERVICE Tent SITE    1 night (2 adults & their children 18 and under)                                                           37.00

 1 week (stay 7 nights, pay for 6 nights) This excludes July/August.                        222.00


LARGE GROUP SITES1 night TRAILER family rate, minimum 2 trailer per site                                             40.00 reunions,        1 night TENT family rate, minimum 2 families per site                                               37.00

 company picnics             additional adult on their group site per night                                                              10.00

 church groups                 additional child on their group site per night                                                                5.00

                                            The system will charge a deposit of $60.00/night per group site at the time of booking

                                                         and the remaining will be charged at check-in.


                                            Large group site single adult tent camping, 1 night                                                    15.00

                                            Large group site single child tent camping, 1 night                                                      5.00


RENTAL TRAILER #82      1 night (2 adults & their children 18 and under), minimum 3 nights                      115.00

                                            1 week (stay 7 nights, pay for 6 nights)                                                                     690.00

                                            No bedding and towels provided.

                                            Monthly rental, please, inquire rate.

                                            additional adult in their rental trailer per night                                                           10.00

                                            additional child in their rental trailer per night                                                             5.00


BUNKIE                              1 night (2 adults & their children 18 and under), minimum 2 nights                        60.00

                                            1 week (stay 7 nights, pay for 6 nights)                                                                      360.00

                                            No service & no bedding and towels provided.


EXTRA TENT on site1 night (free after 4 nights)                                                                                               5.00


                           For all reservations a non-refundable reservation fee of $5.00 applies.



reserve a group site please inquire per email.




Fees for

Day time visitors

until 11 pm:

Adults    $ 5.00

Children  $ 2.00

after 6 pm-11 pm

Adults   $ 2.50

Children  $ 1.00


Over night visitors

Adults    $ 10.00/night

Children $  5.00/night


Visitors need to register at the office!

No refunds for early departures, and due to discomfort of nature.


Tired of towing your trailer on busy highways every weekend? You may enjoy a Seasonal Campsite on our campground! We welcome you to our numerous and fun special events throughout the summer season including potluck dinners, children activities, hay rides, movie nights in our beautiful antique barn etc.

Our campground provides 95 full service seasonal campsites with individual hydrometers.

The on-site trailer storage over the winter is included in the seasonal fee.


Premium Sites    $2,750.00 & HST

Regular Sites       $2,550.00 & HST


Your visitors/guests (including children) must register at the office upon arrival. There is no charge for daily visitors until 11:00 pm. A fee of $10.00 per night (adults) and $5.00 (children) applies for guests who would like to stay overnight. Please note that if the seasonal tenant is not in attendance, the overnight guests will be charged the full service rate for two adults and their children under 18, plus $10.00 per extra adult and $5.00 per extra child.

Discount for immediate family may apply.

Families who have frequent overnight visitors may consider purchasing a $100 + HST visitor pass for the 2022 season.

All reservations with a gift certificate please inquire per email.

 Dreamaker Family Campground  l 6870   Hwy 21   Southampton   Ontario   N0H 2L0 l 519 797 9956 or 1 855 660 CAMP (2267)